Buena Park Attractions and Parks

Pirates Dinner Adventure:

It’s down the street from Medieval Times and offers the same type of dinner show entertainment. There is a preshow beforehand so arrive early and have a couple of drinks, and lots of hors d’oeuvres are served. This is like Cirque De Soleil meets Pirate musical on a big ship in a large theatre. The drinks and souvenirs are a be pricey but it’s worth it to get in the spirit of things. The food is not great so don’t be expecting a star rated meal, but its just fine. Throughout the show, they have kids volunteer to be part of the show a lot of fun for them. All in all a good night for all.

Medieval Times at Buena Park Castle:

I love the whole concept – a competition, the knights of the realm showing off their skills on horse back, jousting, and combat; displays of falconry and horsemanship; a plot twist and then the need to vanquish a foe! This is way mre fun if you get into it, cheer for your knight, boo a the bad guy, let your imagination loose for an evening! It doesn’t hurt that there are some very handsome knights, and my favorite – the Chancellor.
Technically, they put on a well coordinated event, I enjoy the food – the half roast chicken is delish and I like eating with my hands. Service is well paced and they play into the fantasy. There is a great attention to detail and between the food and details in the show, it’s good value for money. I am looking forward to my return visit!

Knott’s Berry Farm:

This park has a western theme. Has lots of shows and thrilling rides and others for the less daring. The #18 ART bus goes there that runs on the 1/2 hr from Disney Bus terminal but beware it stops running at Noon and the next bus is not until approx 5:15pm back to Disney. So if u want to leave earlier u can take a taxi which will run around $25.The Anaheim Rapid Transit (ART) ticket is $5 a day for unlimited use around Anaheim. Buses run approx every 20 minutes. You can get tickets to the park on line cheaper. There are also $10 off coupons so check the attraction brochures at your hotel. If u have a smartphone u don’t have to print out tickets…they can read it off your phone. Definitely worth seeing.



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